Henry's World

Supportive aids

These are the things Henry needs daily to help him with his cerebral palsy.

Piedro shoes

Henry wears special orthopaedic shoes which encourage him to keep his feet flat on the floor and provide extra stability for his ankles. The shoes come in all different styles, so they don’t have to look ‘special’ or stand out.

Kaye Walker

The Kaye Walker allows Henry to take his small steps into the world. It makes walking less energy consuming and helps keep him upright.


Learning to walk can be dangerous! The helmet protects Henry from any bumps and falls when he’s using his walker. There was certainly a reluctance to wear it at first but now Henry likes wearing his helmet.


Henry only spends a small amount of time with physiotherapists and doctors. The rest of his stretching programme is down to us. Daily stretching of his legs ensure that his muscles are as relaxed as possible and he isn’t experiencing too much discomfort.